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When I first saw the kitchen in a magazine I found it very exciting yet too extreme for my everyday life. However, I decided to contact the agent and have a look in person, just to see how this space system works. The first impression I had when I saw Cassandra Cucine live was just 'excitement'. Definitely, it is much more impressive when you experience it in person than just seeing a picture in a magazine.I was impressed by the functionality and the ingenious use of space. The motion systems on each draw and within each cabinet is very well studied and properly applied to the arched form of the entire kitchen system. Everyday use of my kitchen is very easy and although I am not a tall person, it's easier for me to reach the hanging cabinets compared to my old cabinets. The storage capacity is the same as my previous kitchen. Everything is cleverly stored within the curvy cabinets and I only missed space for a sixth pot that I have never used anyway. The feeling is great when my guests see this kitchen for the first time because my kitchen space has been totally transformed into a high-end, 'gallery like' room. Believe it or not I am now in a better mood to experiment with new recipes and higher food styling. And hey, what is it that really matters, feeling great and creative every single moment that you spend in the kitchen or having the space for a useless utensil you will never use?

Vasia G.

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